Jacqueline Foster is what we fondly call a washashore.  She is not a Martha's Vineyard native but the island's boundless beauty and plentiful farms and food producers are what brought her here seven years ago and continue to inspire her every day.  A scholar of all things food-ly, Jacqueline has built a career with her hands in every part of food production.  Things that make her heart go pitter-patter: fresh picked dewy radishes, fire cooking- especially squashes roasted in coals, a good funky goat cheese and a perfectly roasted chicken.  She believes that food should look as good as it tastes and it should make you look good too.  Cooking food simply with old world techniques allows ingredients to sing and all of their health benefits to shine.  Jacqueline's earliest memories are cooking and gathering around a table with family.  She looks forward to bringing that home to you.